Skin Cancer Evaluations

Skin Cancer Evaluations

Skin cancer is a serious concern for Florida residents, as this is a sunny state and people tend to make use of our beautiful weather. Early detection is very important, as skin cancer is easily treated and managed so long as it is identified and dealt with quickly.

While self-evaluations are a critical part of early detection, not everyone knows how to perform a self-evaluation. Our physicians can perform a full-body skin cancer exam, and identify and check any existing moles, freckles or spots that may be of concern. They can also show you how to perform your own self-exams.

If you ever find a suspicious lesion or a change in any existing spots or moles, we recommend you schedule an appointment or come in right away.

Skin Cancer Treatments Are Also Available

Founding physician and board-certified surgeon Robert C. McGann, M.D. can provide onsite removal quickly, affordably and with minimal discomfort in our offices.